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Ships From Dallas Texas

Ships From

Dallas Tx
Lead Time 3-5 days

Lead Time

3-5 days

Customer Testimonials

This is probably one of the best and most useful products ever invented that actually works!” –Mary Anne Craft 

“I was a little skeptical before purchasing, but I am glad that I did! This is an absolute miracle. It replaces your pooey odor with a natural herbal fragrance. Happy Pooping!” –Neisha Love 

This item should be in every home in America! It is as essential as toilet paper. Seriously this is the best invention since indoor plumbing.” –Francijean

“Do yourself and your co-workers a favor: buy this product! You wouldn’t want to be without it.” –Gilbert L Caldwell

Amazingly, this works!! No more crinkled noses or embarrassing smell. The couple of spritzes into the toilet hold in the odor.” –Motherhen, amazon.com

“The product is phenomenal! It works as described. I bring it on vacation and we use it at home. Never a stink left behind…IT’S A MUST HAVE FOR ALL BATHROOMS!! –Darcy Iverson

“Does what it says it will do. You will not be disappointed. –Patricia

“This product has been a great recent find. I now carry a bottle with me everywhere I go. It has saved my marriage and I am now allowed to use the bathroom at work. I highly recommend this product.” –Joe Guy

“We are very happy and recommend it to everyone. We use it at the office and we don’t get that telltale air freshener smell.” –Joan Clark

“I have been using this for almost a year and LOVE it! Don’t do the doo without it.” 

–Nicole Baker

This is one of the best products I have ever bought. My bathroom smells amazing and no one ever knows when someone goes!!” –Michelle Kegel-Anselmo

“I was so skeptical about this product! I purchased it due to the cleaver name thinking it would make a funny gag gift. The joke was on me… This totally works! I never leave home without it! –ladysinger, QVC shopper

“I bought this for my boyfriend and brother as a gag gift and it turned out to be a household favorite! This stuff actually works! –Melissa56, amazon.com

I am absolutely in love with this product!! I have gotten bottles for all my friends for birthday and Christmas gifts. Thank you so much for making such a great product.” –Angela Russo

“I took this product with me on a cruise where I was sharing a tiny room with 3 other women. We were all THRILLED to have this with us… it WORKS GREAT. I will never travel without this again.” –QeenB4Now, QVC shopper

“I have to admit I didn’t believe it would work. Hey, this really works! I will be ordering more and making sure I have one in my purse, at my job and to give to my hubby to take to his job too.” –Mypeluche, QVC shopper

Poo-Pourri is great at home and away! I have larger bottles at home, but the tester is great to carry in my purse.” -Gayla Bolin, Sanger, TX

You have changed my life! I am no longer uncomfortable using a public bathroom. I feel very confident in knowing that the restroom will always smell amazing.” -Nicole Tomlinson, Jacksonville Beach, FL

I love and live for your products! I have Crohns so I am in the restroom a lot, but no worry because I always have Poo-Pourri with me. My life is a little easier with your product, thank you!” -Serena Hickes