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Original Citrus badge
Original Citrus
lemon + bergamot + lemongrass
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Lavender Vanilla badge
Lavender Vanilla
lavender + vanilla + citrus
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Royal Flush badge
Royal Flush
eucalyptus + spearmint
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Tropical Hibiscus badge
Tropical Hibiscus
hibiscus + apricot + citrus
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Master Crapsman badge
Master Crapsman
royal flush + trap-a-crap
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Bronze John badge
Bronze John
checkout + impulse section
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Secret Santa Gift Box badge
Secret Santa Gift Box
cinnamon + vanilla + citrus
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Holiday Duo badge
Holiday Duo
secret santa + merry spritzmas
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Merry Spritzmas Gift Box badge
Merry Spritzmas Gift Box
peppermint + vanilla + citrus
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Platinum Potty badge
Platinum Potty
ultimate way to sell Poo~Pourri
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No. 2 Lagoon Collection badge
No. 2 Lagoon Collection
sea salt + citrus
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No. 2 Plum Collection badge
No. 2 Plum Collection
floral + citrus
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Peace Love & Poo badge
Peace Love & Poo
deja poo + lavender peppermint
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No. 2 Tangerine Collection badge
No. 2 Tangerine Collection
tangerine + citrus
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Silver Seat badge
Silver Seat
tabletops + large counters
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Daisy Doo badge
Daisy Doo
original citrus + spiced apple
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New To Poo Starter Kit - Peace
best sellers + boutique exclusives
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New To Poo Starter Kit - Barn
best sellers + boutique exclusives
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